24 pack of portable USB temperature data loggers, individually boxed


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Sum-DLSA11-24P Portable USB temperature data loggers (pack of 24)

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate within .5°C in a -20° to 40°C range (accuracy in other ranges is 1°C)
  • User-set logging interval
  • Temperature LCD display
  • Visual alarm indicator
  • Water resistant
  • Large capacity: stores up to 32,000 data points
  • Built-in NTC thermister
  • Low battery alert
  • Data Management Software can upload all recorded data to a computer and systematically analyze, collect and manage data.
  • View data instantly: If you need to view simple statistical information, press the button to turn the page and check. The LCD screen can display MKT, average value, Max value and Min value. Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is a simplified way of expressing the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during storage or shipment of perishable goods.
  • For detailed information, connect the data logger to a computer’s USB port. After about 3 minutes, the data will be saved. Open it as an Excel, AI or PDF report.
  • Sample data graph, sample data table:

Materials Included

  • 24 individually boxed DL-SA11 temperature data loggers
  • User’s manual
  • Replaceable 3.6V lithium battery
  • Downloadable software for Windows

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.16” x .95” each
  • USB connector
  • Weight: 1 lb each

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24 pack of portable USB temperature data loggers, individually boxed