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The WaterLase MDX Turbo is the ideal all-tissue laser for the multidisciplinary dentist who performs a broad spectrum of procedures, or for the specialist.

The MDX combines high speed with industry-leading Waterlase technology, delivering the highest level of clinician control, operating efficiency, and flexibility in tip and accessory selection.

For optimal clinical results and patient comfort in hard and soft tissue procedures, The Waterlase MDX sets a new standard of performance.


The MDX delivers 300 mJ of energy at 8 W, and it can easily be upgraded to a 450 mJ (9 W) model for 50% faster cutting as clinical skills improve and applications expand (see ?MDX Specs?). This next-generation of the best-selling WaterLase MD features improvements to the laser engine and delivery system ergonomics, and it enables rapid hardtissue cutting speed with unprecedented affordability.

Time-Tested Technology

The MDX is built on the technologies and reputations of its predecessors, the BIOLASE WaterLase MD and WaterLase iPlus all-tissue lasers.

The Waterlase MD features Hydro- Photonics?a combination of YSGG laser energy and water?which allows the clinician to perform a wide range of conventional procedures with less anesthetic. Known for its precision and accuracy, the MD enables treatment of targeted areas of both tooth structure and soft tissue while maintaining the structural integrity of the tooth and leaving surrounding areas unaffected.

The Waterlase MD became the company?s flagship product, breaking new ground in the areas of cutting speed, user interface, and ergonomic design. In 2011 that ?flagship? designation was overtaken by the company?s new WaterLase iPlus, an even faster, more powerful machine. It delivers up to 10 W of power at 600 mJ, which makes it the most powerful laser on the global market at the short pulse length of 50 ?s, all through a highly intuitive preprogrammed user interface for everything from routine restorative cases to specialty periodontal, cosmetic, and endodontic procedures.

The iPlus features Biolase?s 2780 nm YSGG technology with the versatility of a dual-wavelength configuration, namely, an integrated iLase 940 nm diode laser to handle unexpected soft-tissue cases, better bleeding control, and the potential for temporary pain relief and teeth whitening.

As anticipated, the iPlus proved beneficial for experienced laser dentists who had been anxiously awaiting a machine that would deliver more power, control, and versatility. However, the new laser also provided many of the ?uninitiated? with an easier-than-expected, highly intuitive introduction to all-tissue laser dentistry. The MDX takes this one step further, with a price point that puts the technology within reach of nearly any dentist.

No More Excuses: Affordable Pricing, Substantial ROI

The perception of all-tissue laser technology as inaccessible to most dentists is beginning to dissipate. Even so, some dentists remain unconvinced.

The reality, however, is that BIOLASE?s positioning of the MDX as an entry-level product, starting under $40,000, has made the technology much more affordable. Combining better and more efficient manufacturing with strategic sourcing of components results in pricing that most clinicians will view as extremely reasonable. In addition, the initial investment will be recouped with a substantial ROI, which can be realized via 3 main areas of application.

1. For hard-tissue restorative dentistry? the ?bread and butter? of general practices?the MDX will enable faster, more efficient and, in most cases, virtually painless restorations for all cavity classes in both adults and children.

2. The MDX allows dentists to retain patients who may have traditionally been referred out for osseous crown lengthening. Using the MDX, patients reap the benefits of considerably more comfortable soft-tissue procedures without the inconvenience of a referral, while the practice reaps the benefits of a happier and more loyal patient base.

3. MDX provides an effective and efficient gateway into periodontics. Specifically, the MDX promotes deep pocket therapy with new attachment and is especially effective for minimally invasive removal of both subgingival inflamed tissue and calculus in patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease.

Another Dimension

BIOLASE?s comprehensive in-office and online training and support promise to render the learning curve extremely manageable. And, as intimidation is replaced by both comfort and confidence, clinicians will find that all-tissue laser technology will add a new and profitable dimension to their practices.

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