Drucker Diagnostics Dash Coag Set-and-Lock STAT Coag Centrifuge


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Reduce turnaround time and produce high-quality coag and platelet poor plasma in minutes with Drucker’s Dash Coag centrifuge. The user-friendly set-and-lock controls streamline STAT lab operations and eliminate errors. Simply select your desired runtime from the Dash Coag’s three preset cycles and spin with the press of a button. The fixed angle rotor remains at a 45° angle during processing, ensuring high quality samples every time.

Easy to monitor: Always know when samples are ready with the Dash Coag’s LED lid lighting system (patent pending). Bright lights indicate when the centrifuge is ready to load (off), running (on), or done (flashing) and continue flashing until the lid is opened.

Easy to use: Stop wasting time adjusting settings or navigating complicated menus. The Dash Coag’s simple interface makes it easy to select a preset or program your custom validated cycles with the press of a button. Spin tubes up to 75 mm (4 mL) with the same rotor and universal tube holders.

Eliminate wait time: Further shorten TAT by using a centrifuge array in accessioning. The array takes advantage of the Dash Coag’s compact size to eliminate queuing. Its light weight and small footprint allow it to be easily moved throughout the lab to address bottlenecks.

Safe and durable: Enjoy years of worry-free operation with the brushless motor and rugged, reinforced carbon fiber components. Enhance lab safety with imbalance protection and a clear, shatterproof lid, which locks until the centrifuge has stopped completely.

A great value: Each centrifuge comes ready to run with a fixed angle rotor, universal tube holders included in the affordable price.

Fixed angle rotor: The rotor remains at a 45° angle during processing for optimal PPP formation.

Features and Benefits

  • Produce high-quality coags in as little as 2 minutes
  • Set and lock to a single setting, or customize in the lab
  • LED lid lighting indicates cycle status
  • Designed, built, and supported in the USA
  • Fixed angle centrifugation for optimal coag production
  • 3 default presets for common coagulation cycles
  • Use presets or program your validated cycles using the 2-button interface
  • Lid lights indicate cycle status: ready, running, done
  • Press to select cycle
  • May be locked to a single cycle or customized at the lab

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 8′ (20 cm)
    • Width: 11′ (28 cm)
    • Depth: 13.5′ (34 cm)
  • Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
  • Max Speed: 6,600 RPM
  • Max Force: 4,400 xg
  • Capacity: 12 tubes, up to 75 mm (4 mL)
  • Applications: coag, platelet poor plasma

Warranty Information

  • 1-year warranty

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Drucker Diagnostics Dash Coag Set-and-Lock STAT Coag Centrifuge