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7 inch Touchscreen. All in one portable Desktop Spirometer.

Fast and intuitive for modern professionals

Features and Benefits

Standard Alone Mode

  • Spirometry test: FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/VC, PEF, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75, FEF25–75, FEF75–85, Lung Age, Extrapolated Volume, FET, Time to PEF, FEV0.5, FEV0.5/FVC, FEV0.75, FEV0.75/FVC, FEV2, FEV2/FVC, FEV3, FEV3/FVC, FEV6, FEV1/ FEV6, FEV1/PEF, FEV1/FEV0.5, FIVC, FIV1, FIV1/FIVC, PIF, FIF25, FIF50, FIF75, FEF50/FIF50, VC, IVC, IC, ERV, IRV, Rf, VE, VT, tI, tE, VT/tI, tE/tTOT, MVV (measured), MVV (calculated).
  • Pediatric Incentive for Spirometry
  • Fast and Silent Built-in Printer with customizable printout format
  • Color screen and Touchscreen 7 inches TFT display
  • Database up to 10,000 Spirometry tests.
  • Long life Rechargeable Battery.
  • Available with both DISPOSABLE or REUSABLE turbine flowmeter.

PC Based mode, using WinspiroPRO®

  • Bluetooth® 2.1 and USB Connectivity: Wireless or via cable Real Time test directly on your PC.
  • WinspiroPRO® PC Software provides Real Time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves with PRE/POST Bronchodilator comparison on your PC. Includes free online updates.
  • Pediatric Incentive for Spirometry with wide choice of pictures and animations.
  • Spirometry test after drug administration. Bronchodilator Reversibility, Bronchial Challenge with FEV1-response curve with protocols for both Methacholine and Mannitol.
  • Quanjer 2012-GLI Predicted values with LLN and Z-score
  • Patient Trend Charts for easy follow-up. Search engine for instant access to database. Wide choice of communication protocols for integration with EMR.

Materials Included

  • 1 CD WinspiroPRO® PC software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Miniflowmeter with cable
  • 1 power supply/battery charger
  • 1 roll of thermal paper
  • 1 noseclip
  • 2 mouthpieces
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 CD with user manual

Note: Flowmir Disposable Turbines are not included.

*Each function can be easily activated by a simple touch on the bar menu

*Spirometry test results with Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves

Always included:

  • Elegant and robust carrying case
  • Winspiro PRO® PC software with free update

Pediatric Incentive Animations:

The use of a system patented by MIR allows you to view an ‘incentivator’ directly on the screen, which is helpful to improve patient compliance during a Spirometry test. This feature is especially useful in outpatients’ primary care.

Two Types of Turbine Flow:

MIR Resuable Turbine

The REUSABLE Turbine is manufactured with the high-tech materials including special alloys and synthetic sapphires, for durability while retaining the features of reproducibility and accuracy. Even after many years of use. Complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy. Complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy.

MIR exclusive product, International patent:

FlowMIR® Disposable Turbine

Spirometry testing requires maximum accuracy and hygiene.

FlowMIR is the answer to both requirements.

Each turbine, which includes a cardboard mouthpiece, has been individually factory calibrated with a computerized system and it is packaged individually in a clean room.

FlowMIR®is an inexpensive alternative to a costly reusable flowmeter and replaces the need for an antibacterial filter.

100% hygiene guaranteed!

Complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy

A full Spirometry session can be performed, including a Bronchial Challenge and POST Bronchodilator test.

For each patient after the Spirometry test, both turbine and mouthpiece are thrown away.

The Ideal Sensor for Spirometry

  • Comfortable Packaging
  • Singularly Tested and Packed
  • Always 100% accurate and hygienic
  • No Calibration required
  • No Sterilization required
  • No Antibacterial Filter required
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Not affected by Vapour Condensation
  • Not affected by Ambient conditions

Standard dispenser 60 pc

Screenshots & Printouts made by PC Software

New printout supporting the GLI–2012 standard with Range values (LLN, ULN) and Z-score columns

Spirometry with Forced Vital Capacity PRE Bronchodilator

Bronchial Challenge Test with FEV1 Dose–Response curve

Bronchial Challenge Printout with Graphic and Numeric Evidence of the FEV1 Fall Down

Advanced Turbine Calibration Program

Warranty Information

  • 2-Year Warranty

Documentation Brochure

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