Nasco Life or Form CRiSis Manikin Auscultation Kit


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The life/form CRiSis Manikin Auscultation Kit is one of the best units for students to train to enhance their skills to become future doctors. The kit consists of an upper torso, chest skin, remote and smartscope. This Auscultation Kit is useful for students to understand heart conditions which are programmed through the remote. It includes normal, aortic regurgation, pulmonary stenosis, mitral stenosis, holosystolic, mid-systolic, S3 Gallop, S4 Gallop, Systolic click, Atrial septal defect, PDA and VSD. It allows the students to practice 12 different conditions of heart and 16 lung conditions as well. The life/form CriSis Manikin Auscultation Kit helps teachers to demonstrate and teach student critical medical conditions of patients. The students can practice on the auscultation kit and remove all hesitations of treating a live patient. The kit is useful in schools, academic institutions and health care centers so that young doctors can be trained properly.

Features and Benefits

  • Upgrade with heart and lung sounds now.
  • Provides everything needed to add heart and lung sounds to an existing CRiSis manikin.

Technical Specifications

  • Item weight: 21 lbs

Warranty Information

  • 5-year warranty

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Nasco Life or Form CRiSis Manikin Auscultation Kit


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