Nasco Life or Form KERi Auscultation Update Manikin


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The life/form KERi manikin auscultation update allows students, practitioners to use the manikin to diagnose the heart and lung conditions through the variations of sounds that occur at different sites. It will be like feeling a real live patient’s heart or lung sound. It includes five anterior and 12 posterior locations that students can practice. It also comes with auscultation at six anterior heart sites. You can use the manikin to treat 12 different heart conditions and 16 lung conditions. To begin using the Auscultation Trainer, press the red power button. This turns on the remote control and sends a signal to activate the stethoscope.

Features and Benefits

  • Turn your existing KERi manikin into an Auscultation Trainer.
  • Update package includes torso with auscultation sites, remote control with LCD display, and smart scope.

Warranty Information

  • 5-year warranty

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Nasco Life or Form KERi Auscultation Update Manikin