Richmar TheraTouch DX2 Shortwave Diathermy Deep Heat Therapy


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Richmar has expanded the capability of traditional diathermy devices with the addition of several key innovations and features found only in the TheraTouch DX2. Designed to provide safe and effective treatment options with modern conveniences for the efficient clinic, TheraTouch DX2 is today’s diathermy.

Features and Benefits

  • Anatomical treatment guide for easy monode placement
  • Save up to 99 user-defined favorites
  • 9 evidence-based quick links by indication
  • Qualitative thermal dosimetry with six settings included
  • Easy to use, touch-screen interface
  • USB port for easy software upgrades
  • Dual treatment indicators on unit and inductive drum

Materials Included

  • Coil monode drum
  • Coaxial cable for coil monode drum
  • Mechanical arm
  • Medical grade power cord

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 100 / 240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Continuous output: 100W
  • Pulsed output: 200W peak power
  • Power incremements: 0.5 W
  • Treatment duration: 1 – 30 minuntes, 1 minute increments

Warranty Information

  • 3-Year Warranty

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Richmar TheraTouch DX2 Shortwave Diathermy Deep Heat Therapy