RSD Anthropomorphic Pelvis Phantom


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RSD Anthropomorphic Pelvis Phantom.

Features and Benefits

  • Sectional phantoms, with the anatomic and radio-fidelity of RSD’s Take-Apart Pixy, are used widely in teaching/training, with many other applications.
  • They represent an average male 5 ft. 9 in. tall (175 cm), with a weight of 162 lbs (74 kg).
  • They are rugged, easily transported and shatter-proof.
  • Sectional phantoms do not replace simple geometric phantoms that are used to evaluate individual characteristics of an imaging system.
  • They provide comprehensive evaluation of the imaging system and imaging techniques under realistic conditions.


  • Pelvis bone and spine composed of cortical (TS-1003) and trabecular bone (TS-1002) equivalent materials
  • Pelvis encapsulated in RSD soft tissue material (TS-1001-T)
  • Spinal cord material made of soft tissue material with density of 1.1 g/cc


  • Teaching & Training
  • Image Quality
  • Dosimetry Verification
  • Protocol Verification


  • CT
  • X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy

Warranty Information

  • 5-Year Warranty

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RSD Anthropomorphic Pelvis Phantom