RSD Full Angiographic Head w/ Resolution Test Patterns (2-10 1p/mm) & Step Wedge


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Alderson Angiographic Head Phantoms bridge the gap between physical and anatomical information requirements. Molded in tissue equivalent material, an accurate male skull contains a 3-dimensional, high-contrast vascular simulation to facilitate correlation of the radiologist’s subjective evaluation of angiographic image quality with actual measurements of resolution and contrast under the same exposure conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • 3-dimensional high-contrast vascular pattern
  • Half head phantom model
  • Tissue equivalent materials
  • Step wedge and resolution test pattern (2-10 line pair/mm)
  • Provides a ‘dry run’ to completely check out angiographic equipment and ensure that is operating satisfactorily in all significant details before subjecting patients to radiological procedures.
  • If the imaging system malfunctions, the phantom also plays a critically important role in isolating and verifying correction of the problems.
  • It confines the variables to components and technique and is an invaluable service and teaching tool.
  • Unique RSD soft-tissue equivalent material is used for the skin tissue and neck and is adjusted to brain density in the cranium.
  • This material closely duplicates brain tissues in radio-absorptive and scatter properties.
  • The phantom is virtually shatterproof.
  • Available in Opaque or transparent model

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Warranty

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RSD Full Angiographic Head w/ Resolution Test Patterns (2-10 1p/mm) & Step Wedge